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Starting over at 27-27 Lessons.

It’s 1 am and I’m watching dishes.Why?Because God told me so.Yes, He really did. 

I went to the kitchen for water before bed. The dirty plates stated back at me. I was exhausted and thought I could pay it no mind. Normally, I was not troubled by this especially since I played no part in causing this scene.I knew grandma would wash them in the morning. That’s when the spirit judges me – Wash them.

I shook the exhaustion off and gor to scrubbing. A few seconds later, I felt a warm tingle that broke out into a smile. I knew grandma would be pleased for a dirty dish free morning. This was an act of love, a selfless act depicting love without intending it to. I believed that it was better to get grandma a housekeeper than actually help or buy her a car instead of walking beside her to work or getting her a better, new house instead of helping her repair this one.How many times have we fooled ourselves that money is a clear representation of love?

Well, you don’t to show it so stop hindering indicating to someone that you care. It’s the simple,little things that have the biggest impact. You can truly show someone you love them without spending a time. All you need is some time to act selflessly.

My baby nephew clearly exemplars this.He hugs without reason and share without being asked. He holds out hands when we are sad and makes us laugh when we are having a down day. He comes to our room just to speak to us. And you know what?My nephew is a baby who has nothing to give me financially yet I’ve never felt more loved. 

Don’t wait on perfection, the right conditions, the dollars to start rolling in to show someone love.Start now,start this second,your heart in your actions and words are worth more than the rarest gem and lasts longer than diamonds. So, that’s my first lesson for today. I have 26 more to learn or reinforce. Share some of your stories regarding this lesson. I will definitely take the time to read.


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