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The Thorn Amongst Roses

​Here’s another poem from my book “Ugly Heart”:

The Thorn Amongst Roses
Oh, how I envy your allure

Your tinge doesn’t upset your splendour

All want you out and in of their doors

But I, am evermore an offender
I could never once try to fit in

My layer dense while yours is velvety

A sweeter perfume no nose knows when you are centerpiece

Your esssence sets alight any room
I am midnight


Void of fragrance

Incomparable, if others should look from me to you

Their eyes would not flicker back
I am inclined to attack when provoked

While you exude the likeness of royalty
I am only accepted when unwittingly coupled with you

And as an ode I open up another to coat in crimson, pretending to be a rose

But,now I am a conspicuous spike 

And alas, tossed away.
PS. At least, I am 

blanketed by your shade.
Copyright July 2016.



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