Another poem from “Ugly Heart” by Deidra Lovelace


It was a dark day

I, a once sheltered child,

My house in my bags

Walked miles to get away

From Lot 103

After spending 10 years with a group of people called family 
I hoofed it in solidarity

And revived at the bus stop

It came to me that it was 07/18

I was 18 the first time my propeller forcibly took flight

Again I was here, with a few wrinkles

And no love in my pockets 

Waiting for my retreat 

In this interlude, a pastor came by

“Hi” did not suffice

He had to inquire into my dead eyes

Scriptures in cheek, he queried 

“Are you a Christian?”
I’ve been asked this more times than I shower

At this point, I was slipping from agnostic to stop believing in God’s power

My favourite verses 1st Corinthian 13

Rapidly became my greatest confliction

No matter what they say, love is  conditioned

A wicked fable those specific lines in Corithians told

And I was aorta deep in belief 

A fool was never more foolish than moe
My bags weighed me down to the concrete seat

And I looked at and through the pastor

Into days passed, this very minute and days to come

And replied with an interrogatory “Pastor, do you believe I won’t get raped sleeping on the streets tonight?”


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