Rejected Poem: Love Yourselves

‚ÄčI submitted this poem to one mazagine and it was rejected. My passionate fingers will not cease its journey because of rejection. My heart will march on. I will not stop writing. 

Love Yourselves

By Deidra Lovelace
I am not afraid to love myself 


Shouldn’t it be a woman’s perogarative to feel herself into freedom?

Is it a crime for me to taste my truth and be invigorated with its spell?

Ladies, it’s time you learn to be your own exemplar devotee. 

Love yourselves like he is never coming home

And all you have are your soft hands 

Each line is a unique curve of power 

Don’t lower your worth
Love yourselves like Adam found the Apple

And you declined to take a bite 

No more tying what you feel to the first immoral act 

Extricate the shame that we women were entitled to take
Love yourselves like the trees that shade you without excuse

As bold as coffee filling up a room

As intense as a base guitar

And as unprocessed as baby’s hair
This is your heartfelt song 

You’ve orchestrated, nutured 

Now move to your core’s throb

Always, unconditionally

Love yourselves.

“Songbird:Nina Simone” painted by Kavion Robinson. Www.kavionart.com


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