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Starting over at 27 – Episode 3

They say if you don’t trouble someone, they won’t trouble you. Well, they lied. I just got a little money to buy some food. It’s a Sunday so everywhere is closed. I had to stop at a gas station mini mart. I had a bad feeling before I went out. I was hungry and needed food or I would have surely passed out so I shook it off. Either way, something bad was going to happen.

The street was secluded. I figured it would be. I was more alert than usual. I knew being a lone female in a secluded area made me an easy target. I went to the mart and got my stuff. As I was leaving, this beggar said something to me. I indicated I had nothing to give. I felt this was not the end with this stranger. He started to follow me. I glimpsed a knife. He got closer. I ran. He pursued. He mentioned as he was chasing me that he’s a murderer.

I tried to stop to cars , passed a few people. No one would help. This was obviously my fight only. A fight I didn’t ask for. It seemed so surreal as I ran. The different scenarios flashed by in my head. I tried to find some way out. Some area or place that wasn’t secluded, a taxi, some way to save myself. I couldn’t run any further. This was it. I was going to get stabbed to death and no one would care. Tears and wishes will be split after I was lying in my coffin.

I ran cross the road almost getting hit down in the interim. How many times have have you seen in movies people getting down running from danger? From the frying pot to the fire….Then I saw a car stop. I ran over, the taxi man came out. I told him quickly what happened. He chased the man away. Though he had passengers in the car waiting, he stayed until he was sure it was safe enough to leave me. Thank God, someone helped. I didn’t want to die, not like that, not after all I’ve been through and am going through.

Funny enough, last night, I asked God for a sign. I needed a sign. I thought my sign would be a job but I guess God had other plans.


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