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My book : Ugly Heart.

I wrote many poems when I was homeless. When I had internet access, I self-published them in this book called “Ugly Heart”. I also included some artwork. See below for samples and link. I would really love some reviews.



I was once your daughter
The one with your mini features
You would have disposed of me before my first kick
But when you felt that sweet sensation
You knew you behold a magnification
Love, tangible and wholesome created and residing in your tummy
You sworn then, that even without a daddy, you would always love me

I grew and lived your struggles
Mom, for all the times we didn’t have tea, I wouldn’t have traded you for anything and everything this life could offer me
You were my universe, the sun and the stars
To me, our life together though imperfect had no flaws
Happiness clasped firmly in my paws when you were around
Teaching me to write my name
Your hands guiding my little ones

Now that high regard is pale
We curse each other without shame
You disappointed with the way I turned out
I crestfallen with the men you chose to take you out
You dropped your armour, your lessons, your care
My admiration faded
And we clashed until you exuded your authority
Your hands that once guided found no remorse in breaking me
An exile I was in an instant
Punished for all the times you didn’t understand my stance, my personality
Try as I might, I’m still shocked that you found it in your bosom to persecute me.



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