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Starting over at 27 Episode 1

This is a bit embarrassing to admit – I am broke and homeless at age 27. Well, I was homeless for about a week. It was the harshest week of my life. I never sunk so deep into darkness. I swore I almost took the easy way out. But, my dearest friend who I confided in didn’t want to see me become a ‘private masseuse’ or committing suicide. So, he bailed me out by lending me enough money to rent a small apartment.

Not many people know my current situation. I didn’t even tell some of my closest friends. I just don’t want to be suffocated by their pity. I know they won’t be able to help me as they are living from paycheck to paycheck. I lost my job a week before I was kicked out. I know many would say “It’s life, shit happens.”

But, this didn’t have to happen to me. I could have made smarter decisions.I can’t believe I’m on my face at 27 years old.  I had a good enough job. I wasn’t happy in it but it paid the bills. My most lethal mistake was that I did not save. Now it’s raining and I can’t even buy a warm lunch. I am trying not to be so sad about what I am experiencing. It’s difficult but not impossible.

This is my first day in my new apartment. I share house with 6 others. The landlady is pretty strict. I am not allowed to bring anyone at all in the house. That’s fine though. I hardly talk to many people these days. I even avoid my family ( if they even care anymore). The house is not so bad. At least, I have a window.

I don’t have a concrete plan as it concerns moving forward. Maybe, I’m still a bit shocked but I’m moving. I’ve sent out applications to all the jobs that I qualify for (and even don’t qualify for) but none called. I have 29 days to come up with rent. I have enough food for 48 hours. So earning money for food is my main priority right now. I’ve perused the internet, signed up for some online jobs but no bites as yet. I just have to believe that karma will give me a little break; long enough to come up with money for food.

I’ve decided to stick by 3 simple rules for this period of my life : Work, Eat and Exercise. I can’t sleep until I made enough to survive this month and the next. Wish me luck. Hopefully, I’ll have internet to keep you updated on my journey.


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